Chimney Cleaning

€60 Chimney sweep for all areas in Dublin and Kildare

  • Chimney Cleaning Experts

    Chimneys should be cleaned at least once a year especially when you burn solid fuel, oi and gas. This ensures all geases are drawn promptly out of the building. We use different methods of cleaning depending the appliance and the type of chimney. Traditional chimney sweeping, power sweeping are some of the methods we use. We use a soot shield and 3000 watts of suction to ensure a clean job every time.

    Call us on 087 232 4233 and we do arrive on time.

    Chimney Tar Removal

    Tar builds up from burning wet and damp fuel, to remove the tar we use a rotary chain flail. It is a more aggressive cleaning method is required for this type of job.

    Nest Removal

    We fit a protective cover over the chimney to prevent a new nest from being built. We only remove a nest once the birds have vacated.

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